Our mission

Zone01 Robotics is a Not-for-Profit Organization with four mandates related to the advancement of educational robotics in Canada:

  1. • Promote technology in education to help retain students;
  2. • Support teachers in the integration of robotics by tailoring programs throughout the educational years;
  3. • Facilitate and encourage interaction between educational robotics enthusiasts;
  4. • Develop and support robotics competitions in Canada.

ZONE01 Robotics programs are offered in both French and English.




Dominic Bruneau
Responsible for strategic development and pedagogical trainer
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Member since 2013

Dominic Bruneau obtained an electrical engineering degree at École Polytechnique de Montréal and an MBA from HEC Montreal.

During his studies at Polytechnique, he founded the SAE Robotics team to develop walking robots and compete against Canada and US based teams at the Robotic Walking Machine Decathlon competition.

For seven years, Dominic Bruneau designed and implemented vision systems for industrial automation before he moved to the aerospace industry where he fulfilled the role of VP Operations at Air Data, an avionics design and manufacturing facility.

Part of Zone01 since 2013, first on the board, he works now on a daily base of Zone01 activities.

"I have been fascinated by robots since my childhood and by robotics competitions since University.

Competing with robots is a great way to develop your teamwork and problem solving skills. You work hard, learn from your mistakes and celebrate your successes. I like to and see the spark in the eyes of boys and girls when they create robots for a Zone01 Robotics competition.

I always said that I would eventually play tennis against my robot. Well, I now have 3 young tennis players at home but they are not robots! But we may soon see automated players on the courts. And the designers may be training themselves by solving the Zone01 challenges!"

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Zone01 Robotics

Zone01 Robotics is a Not-for-Profit Organization dedicated to the advancement of educational robotics.
We are a creative, passionate and innovative team!

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